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Sussex Line Dance

Line Dance Scripts and Music (Page Eight)

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Line Dancing, Terminology, and Common Moves (Page One)
Line Dance Classes in Sussex (Page Two)
Western Dance Clubs in Sussex featuring live music (Page Three)
Sussex Line Dance / Country Music Club Websites (Page Four)
My Other Dance Websites (Page Five)
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Dances I have learnt in Eastbourne (Page Seven)
Line Dance Scripts and Music (Page Eight)
Western Couple Dance Scripts and Music (Page Nine)
My Online Music Players and Collections (Page Ten)

I have entered on my website:-

over 1,000 dance scripts and links to the music for most of the Line Dance and some of the Western Couple dances I have learn't since 1996 at the various clubs I have previously run or attended in Eastbourne, and also dances learn't when on Western Dance holidays.


I have also opened a website of video music for 707 line dances (including 230 line dance step vidoes) and these can be found by clicking on the link listed below:-