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Sussex Line Dance

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Other Dance or Music Websites (Page Six)
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I give below links to other dancing related websites:-



I do not have any editorial control of the contents found on these websites.  They are provided by their respective owners and any issues with the sites should be taken up with them.

Alan Haywood - Instructor / choreographer / dances

Andrew Sheila and Simon - Line dance information, dances, message board

Angeleyesite - Audio music plays or downloads

Arjjace Dancers - Western Couple and Line Dance scripts

Ballroom Dancer (to line dance and other music) - My site on ballroom dancing dance steps and suitable music

Banners and Boots - Pim and Ian Humphrey website

Best Western Dance Accademy - An organisation for instructors and dancers promoting co-operation between teachers, giving support and information to all members, teacher training, medal examinations and a monthly magazine with all the latest info. & dances.

Big Dave's Website - Many dance sheets

British Country Music Internet radio - Mainly British country (1 hour shows)

Brushwood Website - Band website

Bute Line Dance - Scottish dance sites with intesting details plus dances and dance step videos

Candy's Place Music - Audio music

Cool County - Australian radio Country music internet radio

Country Dance UK - Index of clubs in England

Country Music in Britain - Links to British artist websites

Country Music People - The Number One Country Music Magazine

Country Music TV (Radio CMT) - About 20 Internet radio sites

Country Music stars photographs Lots of photos of the stars

D & H Western Dance Club, Cardiff, Wales - Club website with useful alternative dance suggestions

Dance Web - Information on all types of dance clubs in England

Dave Sheriff Official website - Information and cd sales

David & Janet's Western Partner Dances & Links - Western couples dances, C & W dance, dance to country and western music, western dancing, western partner dance links in the UK, discussion list, David and Janet, mailing list. (and clipart pictures)

Dean Brothers Official website - Dance Band information and cd sales

Dizzler Jukebox - Instant access to millions of streaming songs, videos, games and radio stations at your fingertips

Eastbourne Folk Dance Club (and Sussex Folk Dancer) - Details about my folk dance club, folk dance classes in Sussex, folk dance club websites, and other useful dance websites.

Gary Lafferty Website - His dances and some videos and his DJ software package

Get Music Free - Download Music and listen to mp3 songs for Free! It's Easy and 100% Legal! Search from over 30,000 Free MP3s or browse song downloads by category. Don't miss todays top free music downloads including My Humps, Gold Digger and Hollaback Girl! Search from over 30 music categories of your favorite songs, artists and more. It's Free and Legal at GetMusicFree . Downloads are by cover artists (Usually Countdown).

Glenn Rogers Official Website - Information on artist

Kate Sala Website - Choreographers website

KHBW Country Radio - Internet country radio from Sherringham, Norfolk

Line Dancer Magazine - Website of Line Dancer magazine

Line dance Lessons - Dance steps, and instruction videos

Linedancing links - Links to interesting linedancing sites in UK

Maggie Gallagher Website - Choreographers website

PianoLadyNancy Here you will find full-length songs (mostly country) from all eras.

PPL Website - Music in public licence

Richardson-County - British performer website

Silver Wings Western Dance Club - Videos and steps for Western Partner Dancing

Singing Fool - Music videos

Song lyrics website music songs

Texas Country Internet radio - Country music intenet radio

Universal Linedancing Championship 2009 - Savoy Hotel Blackpool 27th/30th March 2009

Val Myers - Instructor, Dances, Videos, and a Beginners Dance Programme created and developed by Val Myers as a basic programme or syllabus for teaching Linedancing to Absolute Beginners

World wide link to line dance websites via Bill Bader - Access to 500 line dance links in 20 countries